The Marine
Greens Collection

Made with the ocean's best superfoods and 90x less plastic. Your daily shower ritual, refined.

Quality formulas without the toxins.

Lux-level performance

Nutrient-rich plants and superfoods deliver real results with 65+ vitamins, minerals & nutrients for healthy skin and strands.

100% clean ingredients

No toxins, sulfates, parabens, phthalates, silicones, synthetic fragrances, or anything harmful that can soak into your skin.

Designed with the environment in mind.

90x less plastic waste

Beautiful, sustainable and designed to leave a lighter footprint. Our products help keep plastics out of our oceans and landfills and keep your shower looking clean and pristine.

If all of the world’s plastic bottles were replaced with sustainable alternatives — we could have an immediate and profound impact on climate change and plastic pollution.

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clean. vegan. cruelty-free. toxin free.

Going beyond business as usual

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Meet the elevated, eco-friendly essentials that should be easy to find, but somehow aren't. Better than shampoo bars, cleaner and greener than what's in your shower — make the switch to our sustainable and lovable superfood sets.

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Made for better living.

We set out to reimagine our daily routines, for good. From our responsibly made products to our purpose-driven mission, we mean "better" on all fronts for all.

Made to work

Our products rival the results of salon quality products.

Cleaner, greener

Ingredients healthier for you, materials better for the planet.

Sustainable production

Manufactured in the USA in a 100% solar-powered facility.

1% to social good

1% to clean water projects that support healthy living.

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