We believe in considering the impact of our everyday actions as an opportunity to make the world better. We're here to inspire better living by creating sustainable products that make a difference. By marrying quality, sustainability, and impact, we strive to help shape a happier, healthier tomorrow.

The beginnings

How it all started

umanos started with a simple — and in retrospect, naive — goal to create the perfect products for our everyday routines. Products that didn't compromise on quality, efficacy, or sustainability and could do some real good in the world.

A Kickstarter later, we had enough supporters to bring our vision to life. Today, we focus on making exceptional products that are thoughtfully designed to help you look and feel good. All while improving people's lives and leaving a lighter impact on the environment.

Our Promises


We believe our daily routines are the foundation for a healthy lifestyle. It's why we go beyond industry standards and exclude more than 1600 ingredients from our formulas (150 times more ingredients than the US standards).

We use the cleanest, most sustainable, high-performing ingredients in our formulas.

No harmful chemicals, SLS, SLES, parabens, synthetic dyes or colors, glycos, phthalates, silicones, PEGs, or many other suspect ingredients found in conventional products. Everything we make is carefully considered so you can enjoy a routine that's both healthy and effective.

Meet the Team


Wellness enthusiast, optimist, a bit of a perfectionist, and founder passionate about better living.


Man behind the camera, in charge of keeping things fun. Resident enthusiast, maybe Kai's favorite.


Chief Barketer. Master of chill. Lover of adventure, cuddles and anything that involves "go!"