Hi there! We're umanos.

We believe that better bodycare creates better routines — and that better routines lead to better living. So we spent almost two years figuring out how to make the highest quality products with the lowest environmental impact. Creating non-toxic, natural, nutrient-dense, high-performing products that we know you’ll love. 

And for every bottle purchased, we make a donation toward helping end the global water crisis so that our friends across the globe can enjoy better living, too.

Why we started umanos

A desire to improve our own routines and use business as a force for good inspired us to start umanos. So we began the process of creating what we believed to be more sustainable and lovable solutions for our daily routines. 

We craft our unique formulas from the ground up and use only the cleanest, highest quality ingredients so the research, development, and formulation process often takes time. After several years of figuring it all out, we’ve developed three unique products that are the perfect essentials for your everyday rituals.

What makes our products unique?

We’ve taken an intensely meticulous approach to our development process. We spent years researching, testing, and iterating on loads of different variables to dial in the performance, textures, and experience of our products. 

We also found passionate partners with decades of experience who helped us go against the grain to get things just right with absolutely no compromise on product experience or performance. 

We're different from other brands in many ways but our biggest distinctions are our dedication to thoughtful formulation, the quality and performance of the ingredients we use, and our commitment to leaving a minimal impact on the planet and lots of love for the people. 

How we select our ingredients

We start with the best ingredients from nature we can find. We use powerful plants and some of the most nutrient-rich superfoods on the planet, like bladderwrack, marine algae, nori, spirulina, and aloe vera to name a few. 

We vet potential ingredients with over ten “no go” harmful ingredient lists and the most rigorous EU standards that ban more than 1300+ ingredients.

This means you won't find petrochemicals, SLS, SLES, parabens, synthetic dyes or colors, glycos, phthalates, silicones, PEGs, or many other harmful ingredients found in conventional products.

Everything we make is carefully considered so you can enjoy a routine that's both healthy and effective.

Our sustainable practices

Sustainability lies at the heart of everything what we do. To help minimize our footprint we manufacturer in the USA in an ISO certified facility powered by renewable solar. We use recycled, recyclable or biodegradable materials. We responsibly source our ingredients. And we opt for 100% recyclable, reusable, and refillable BPA-free aluminum. Which means up to 90X less plastic waste filling up our oceans and landfills.

We learn and improve every day with the goal of being here for the long haul and leaving the smallest footprint possible.

business as a force for good

We’re proud to be a purpose-driven company pushing forward to be better tomorrow than we are today. By creating quality products that support healthy living, mindfully working to lower our environmental impact, and giving back through our Wash to Water program—it's all part of how we operate and an important part of how we contribute to creating a happier, healthier world.

Say hello to our team:


Wellness enthusiast, optimist, a bit of a perfectionist, and founder passionate about better living.


Man behind the camera, in charge of keeping things fun. Resident enthusiast, maybe Kai's favorite.


Chief Barketer. Master of chill. Lover of adventure, cuddles and anything that involves "go!"

Happiness Guaranteed

Our goal is to make products that exceed expectations. Our passion drives us. Your happiness inspires us. And we hope our attention to detail is why you’ll reach for our products again and again. If you’re not satisfied with your purchase, we want to hear about it. We’ll replace it or refund you, because we’re here to make you happy–guaranteed.