100% Clean & Natural Ingredients

Powerful plants · Bold botanicals · Potent extracts · Superfoods · Pure essential oils

We think about our bodycare the way we think about our food. The more plants, the better. Most conventional products are made with a high percentage of synthetics. But to make something high-quality, nourishing, and effective, powerful plant-based ingredients are the only way to go. That's why we use ingredients like seaweed superfoods, one of the most nutrient-rich plants on the planet, and skin-nourishing favorites like aloe vera and green tea.

From the get go, our focus has been on quality and efficacy. If you've got sensitive skin, flaky scalp, or dry strands, you'll rejoice because our products are not only effective, they're gentle on the skin and gentle on the senses with coconut-based cleansers and bold botanicals that are vitamin-rich and nourishing.

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