Clean Water For All

We believe everyone deserves access to clean water. That’s why we’re proud to partner with The Kikulu Foundation and Water Is Long Life to bring safe, accessible, clean water to thousands of people in communities without.

Routine with purpose

One percent of net proceeds go to help people around the world get access to clean, safe, accessible water. These donations go directly to sustainable, community-owned water projects in developing countries. 

The more products you purchase, the more we give. The more we give, the more people who can live happy, healthy lives. As we grow, our giving will grow right alongside us.

Our goal is to provide clean, safe, accessible water for over 5,000 people through funding 2 water wells in 2023.

Through your daily routine, you're helping thousands of deserving people get access to clean water.

Cheers to Change

Your purchase makes a difference.

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