We care about people. Every time you purchase an umanos product you help get clean water to kids and communities without.

Here For Good

Our adventure began back in 2011, long before starting umanos. We strongly believe in giving back and doing good for people, so we have made it part of our mission.

We believe change can start at the very core of our everyday moments, where we all do small things that make a big difference: as a customer and as a business.

By leading with our core values, we hope to create a positive impact that extends beyond just our brand.

Wash to Water - the unique umanos give back program.

Every time you make a purchase, we dedicate 1% to help get clean, safe, accessible water to people in need. These donations go directly to sustainable, community-owned water projects in East Africa.

We work with partner non-profits we've been part of for over decade to ensure that we are making the most significant impact possible. The more you purchase, the more we give. The more we give, the more people thrive. As we grow, our giving will grow right along side us.


Your purchase makes a difference.