What's inside?


We're totally transparent. We source the highest quality clean, safe, and naturally derived ingredients and use potent extracts carefully and sustainably sourced from around the globe.

Our hero ingredients are seaweed superfoods, some of the most nutrient rich plants on the planet and the ultimate multi-vitamin for healthy, hydrated skin + strands.

Gentle coconut-based cleansers, powerful plants, botanical extracts and essential oils work together to cleanse, condition, hydrate and protect.

With seagreen superfoods, bold botanicals, powerful plants, each bottle of Umanos works great and feels even better.

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Why seaweed?


It's the superfood of the sea. Seaweed (yes,seaweed!) is THE ultimate multi-vitamin for your skin and strands delivering 65+ vitamins, minerals and nutrients that help nourish, protect, hydrate, smooth and strengthen.

And best of all — they're fantastic for all hair and skin types. 

We sought these superfoods not only for their benefits to the hair and skin but also because seaweed is a naturally renewable resource that does all kinds of magical things from an environmental standpoint like sequester carbon and regenerate. Real overachievers. 

There's really no synthetic fragrance?


Nope. There’s really no synthetic fragrance. No nasties to hide behind the word "fragrance". Instead, we use 100% pure essential oils that work together for a subtle herbaceous yet refreshing natural aroma and have added benefits for skin, scalp and strands. It's a win-win so you look great and feel good.

Do you use clean, safe & non-toxic ingredients?


We only use clean, natural, and non-toxic ingredients that are safe for your body and the environment.

We formulate to EU standards and eliminate over 1300 ingredients used in most conventional products.

In development, we designed our products around best practices and standards of the Environmental Working Group, Made Safe, and Credo clean beauty standards to ensure the highest quality products.

Are umanos products color-safe?


You bet. All our products are color-safe and great for color treated hair. In fact, our prograde blend of amino acids are known to help improve color retention of dyed hair.

I have sensitive skin and scalp. Are your products suitable for me?


We created our shampoo and conditioner with a team of leading natural and organic formulation scientists. Our formulas are clean, plant-based and free from SLS, SLES, silicones, parabens, phthalates, synthetic fragrances, colorants and dyes (to name a few). We designed them to be gently cleansing and richly nourishing for everyday use and suitable for all hair and skin types—even the most sensitive.

How do you make your products?


We expertly formulate and obsessively test our products, both ourselves and with third-party testing facilities. We develop our formulas from scratch and work with expert natural and organic chemists with 30+ years of experience developing clean, natural, and organic formulas. They help us go against the grain to get things right with absolutely no compromise on product experience or performance. 

What hair types are the shampoo and conditioner suitable for?


Our products are great for all hair types. Umanos superfood shampoo and conditioner are made with nutrient-rich superfoods and designed to be suitable for all hair types, even those with a sensitive scalp. The formulas are gently cleansing and nourishing and will leave your hair looking and feeling clean, fresh, soft, shiny, and full of body.

Are your products vegan + cruelty-free?


We are 100% vegan and cruelty free. We do not use any animal by-products in our formulations and we check with all our suppliers to ensure there is no animal testing and definitely do no animal testing ourselves (we test only on consenting friends and family).

About umanos

Who is umanos?


We are an independent, woman-owned company based in Seattle, WA. We created Umanos so that people everywhere (including ourselves) could make a difference with our daily routines. We make premium bodycare products that make it easier to live healthier, tread lighter, and do a little good in the world.

Do you only make the essentials?


We're inspired by simplicity. So instead of complicated routines, we focus on the quality essentials everybody uses. We're just getting started with lots of ideas, but if there's something you'd like to see, let us know! We'd love to hear what you're looking for. Email us at hey@heyumanos.com.

How does umanos give back?


Giving back is a core value for us at Umanos. Alisha has been working in sustainable development with grassroots nonprofits in East Africa for more than a decade. The opportunity to blend her background in business and philanthropy sparked the initial conversations for Umanos.

We donate 1% of top-line revenue to clean water initiatives for at need communities in Uganda. You can read more about our Wash to Water program here.

What's in a name?


{ oo-mah-nos } The umanos name is inspired by the Latin humanus. It represents the optimism and possibility of who we are and what we can achieve when we come together. It’s a tribute to the collective human spirit and all the people who inspire us — the dreamers, doers, movers & shakers of every shape and form. At umanos, we are driven by passion and purpose to create a better future through the power of our daily routines. 

Do you have any promo codes?


We offer 15% off on your first order when you join our community newsletter.